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Planning & regeneration Collyhurst's transformation: the next stage

Feedback from April's consultation

Thank you to everyone who gave us their comments in our April consultation. We have accommodated relevant feedback into the final masterplan. This shows how we think Collyhurst should be developed over the next 15 to 20 years, and what needs doing to make it happen.

How we shared the information

We shared the information through:

  • leaflet drops to all houses and businesses in Collyhurst
  • four drop-in events in venues across the area
  • dedicated pages on this site
  • face to face meetings with a number of local businesses
  • social media such as Facebook and Twitter

Comments and responses

We got 185 responses.

The majority of people, 76%, supported the overall proposals in the masterplan.

81% of respondents agreed with the proposal to remodel some parts of Collyhurst by turning properties around, and 76% agreed with the proposal to build new roads to open up Collyhurst Village.

Responses also showed:

  • there's strong support for new residential development to begin along Rochdale Road
  • many feel there's a lack of quality services, especially retail, in the area
  • many did not want to see further loss of the existing retail services, and want to see more as soon as possible
  • some were strongly opposed to any new development taking place on Sandhills and wanted this to remain as open space
  • many thought the park in Collyhurst Village was poor quality, with some suggesting that they would support a reduction in the size of the park if it meant it would be managed better

What happens now?

We've published a final version of the masterplan (see 'item 4'). The plan proposes:

  • a new residential development, mostly on sites along Rochdale Road together with a vacant site between Osbourne Street and St Patrick’s and Abbott Primary schools
  • three new roads are proposed to improve access into and around the Collyhurst Village estate and the demolition of six properties
  • the central location of a new community hub on Rochdale Road
  • the withdrawal of proposals to pilot landfill remediation on Sandhills to enable development opportunities and the improvement of open space. A pilot scheme will be undertaken elsewhere in Manchester. This will remain as open space on the masterplan
  • proposals to build new homes on existing vacant sites in the Smedley Dip and Irk Valley estates
  • future remodelling of parts of the neighbourhood where the current layout is poor to take place at a later date.

Some parts of Collyhurst will be reviewed once we have development partners, to consider how they will be involved with any new development.

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Was this page helpful?