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About the Wythenshawe Strategic Regeneration Framework

The Wythenshawe Strategic Regeneration Framework (SRF) provides a strong vision for regeneration across Wythenshawe over the next 10-15 years, and builds upon the work already completed, guiding the improvement of public services for Wythenshawe residents, and shaping future investments.

The City Council's Executive adopted the SRF in December 2004 following extensive consultation by Building Design Partnership in association with Jones Lang LaSalle, Farber Maunsell and EKOS Consulting. The SRF was put together following twelve months of research and consultation with key stakeholders, including local residents and community groups. Over 1,000 people contributed their views through interviews, questionnaires, market stalls, school councils, and community events.

The Vision:

 At the heart of the Strategic Regeneration Framework is a vision for Wythenshawe as Manchester's Garden City, based both on Wythenshawe's unique character and the new opportunities in the area. This brings together the positive aspects of Wythenshawe's housing and green space (the Garden) with the continued growth of Wythenshawe's economy and potential for further job creation, better quality shops and lifestyle facilities (the City).

The SRF summarises Wythenshawe's challenges and opportunities, and sets out the vision and key objectives for the future. It presents physical and policy frameworks to drive forward Wythenshawe's transformation. It sets the tremendous opportunities, and also some challenges to address, in order to ensure Wythenshawe grows and prospers over the next few years. 

Other plans in development are: 

The Wythenshawe SRF covers the wards of:

  • Baguley
  • Brooklands
  • Northenden
  • Sharston
  • Woodhouse Park

You can download a the Wythenshawe SRF document (full PDF document), or a 10-page summary of the document (summary PDF document).

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