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Town Centre Master Plan


Since the approval of the Wythenshawe Town Centre Master Plan in 2006, Manchester City Council has been working with St Modwen and other partners on a number of key developments for the Town Centre.  Since 2007, the following developments have taken place;

  • New ASDA Supermarket
  • Refurbishment of the multi - storey car park
  • Improvements to Swan Walk
  • New retail and office development at Haletop East
  • Refurbishment of some existing retail units
  • Refurbishment of Birch Tree and Edwards Court by Willow Park Housing Trust

A revised Master Plan for Wythenshawe Town Centre

The decision to extend Metrolink to the Airport via Wythenshawe has created the opportunity for a Transport Interchange in the Town Centre.  To enable this, the location of the bus station will need to change from Rowlandsway to Forum Square .  A revised master plan has been prepared to include the new bus station location and the other planned developments.  This new plan was approved by Manchester City Council in October 2009. 

The revised master plan map October 2009

Key proposals 2010 - 2012

  • A new high quality bus station adjacent to the Forum at Forum Square with capacity for an increased number of services
  • Etrop Court - A new retail and office development at the northern end of the Birtles mall including Netto and Wilkinson and a new District Office for the City Council. Up to 500 staff will be based here including the following services; Children's Services, Adult Social Care and Wythenshawe Regeneration Team.
  • New headquarter offices for Willow Park Housing Trust on the site of the former Cedars Poundswick Lane . This replaces the former offices at Brownley Road and will house approximately 140 staff.

These new developments will improve access to services for local residents and will create additional footfall for the Town Centre.  Both the developments that have taken place and the planned new developments make Wythenshawe Town Centre a more attractive place to visit and puts the Town Centre in a good position to further develop as the economy improves.

Please click on the following link to see a full copy of the master plan; Wythenshawe Town Centre Master Plan.

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