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First Street Regeneration Framework Summary

First Street has the potential to become the heart and commercial focal point of a distinctive new neighbourhood of the city centre, which would include Whitworth St. West, Deansgate & Oxford Road Stations, Knott Mill, and the Oxford Road Corridor.

The new Development Framework gives a new direction for the development of First Street. Its focus centres on creating a "sense of place" which is currently lacking at First Street. This document recognises that First Street needs to embed itself within the context of its wider neighbourhood, and position itself as a provider of facilities, services & accommodation for that neighbourhood, in order to unlock its potential, and provide the stimulus for much wider regeneration in the years to come.

The purpose of this updated Framework is to set First Street apart from its competition, and to move it closer to new target audiences.

This Development Framework highlights a number of development directions which should guide individual proposals as they come forward. These development directions build on the advantages the location of First Street brings, enhance the characteristics of the wider neighbourhood, and strengthen accessibility and connectivity throughout the neighbourhood, and with adjoining areas of economic activity; particularly Oxford Road and Oxford Road Station.

The Framework document has a conceptual approach to the distribution of land uses across the First Street neighbourhood. This is to keep maximum flexibility in the framework, whilst ensuring the principles are central to the development of the area. There are 5 different "zones" which make up the First Street framework area, and its surrounding environment; each zone has different characteristics.

Manchester City Council's short-term letting of Number 1 First Street has created the opportunity for local business-owners and residents to challenge and change the established use of the site. This has created momentum and confidence in this area, and has created new possibilities for different sorts of development.

In order to gain the most benefit from this opportunity, local stakeholders have identified several early moves, which would be key to the future growth and expansion of First Street:

  • Redeveloping and Integrating the Oxford Road Station Area
  • Establishing a Cultural Hub
  • Re-defining the Commercial Office Offer
  • Delivering an Integrated "Anchor Destination"

Each element would bring significant benefits to the First Street economy, but when co-ordinated, would transform First Street into one of Manchester's most significant and sustainable regeneration opportunities.

Download the full Framework document.

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