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St Peter's Square: Consultation on the Relocation of the Cenotaph

Manchester City Council is progressing plans for the major redesign of St Peter's Square as part of the transformation of the Town Hall Complex and the delivery of improved Council services. Through this process it was communicated to us by key stakeholders that the current site of the Cenotaph in St Peter's Square was far from ideal, in terms of its ability to provide an appropriate space for quiet contemplation and reflection, and the setting for the marking of national historic events, such as Remembrance Sunday.

In view of this the Council agreed to consult on the sensitive relocation of the Cenotaph within St Peter's Square, to provide a location better suited to quiet contemplation and with fewer space constraints for memorial events. St Peter's Cross, which marks the original location of St Peter's Church will remain in its present location.

In addition to this, proposals are also being brought forward by Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) for a new line through St Peter's Square. TfGM is running a public consultation on proposals for this as part of the £1.5Bn of investment in transport infrastructure over the next few years. The new line will provide passengers with a second city centre Metrolink crossing. TfGM has worked closely with Manchester City Council to ensure the route fits the Council's regeneration aspirations for St Peter's Square.

Under the proposals there will be a new, larger tram stop at St Peter's Square, which is expected to be the busiest stop on the network, as well as a new stop at Exchange Square and enhancements to Metrolink facilities at Victoria Station.

The consultation period has now ended (the consultation closed on 9 September 2011).

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