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Planning & regeneration Jacksons Row / Bootle Street SRF

We've been asking for your views about our proposals to regenerate the Jacksons Row/Bootle Street area. The site is bounded by Jackson ’s Row to the north, Bootle Street to the south and Southmill Street to the east. The site incorporates a number of buildings, including Bootle Street Police Station, Manchester Synagogue, The Sir Ralph Abercromby Pub and car parking space.

The area has a strategic location which links other strategic projects around the Civic Quarter, in Spinningfields and in the future St. Johns . It is also closely linked to the Conference Quarter, allowing the potential for the site to provide complementary facilities.

Summary of the proposals

The Framework sets out the future development of the Jacksons Row/Bottle Street site in a manner that reflects its physical and locational characteristics and the significance of the opportunity which has been identified. The site has been identified as a major regeneration opportunity that can deliver a range of positive economic, social and environmental benefits for the city centre and the wider Manchester City region.

We've set out the proposals in a 'strategic regeneration framework' document which will guide how the regeneration would progress.

Download the full proposal for Jacksons Row and Bootle Street

Your response can be sent by email to: or by post to: City Centre Regeneration Team, PO Box 532, Manchester City Council, Town Hall, M60 2LA

All comments from people wishing to take part in this public consultation must be received by Friday 13 November 2015, so that they can be included in a report to the Executive Committee on the outcome of the Public Consultation. Please include your post code when responding 

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