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Planning & regeneration New Cross Public Realm Strategy

This consultation closed on Tuesday 26 September.

We've been asking for your views about proposals detailed in the draft New Cross Public Realm Strategy, approved by the Executive in July 2017. The Neighbourhood Development Framework (NDF) for New Cross was approved by the Executive in July 2015 as a material consideration in determining all planning applications relevant to the study area. The draft New Cross Public Realm Strategy has been prepared to support delivery of the NDF through a co-ordinated approach to public-realm, and a series of mechanisms to ensure that necessary improvements can be appropriately funded and are correctly sequenced to keep pace with development activity. 

Summary of the proposals 

The New Cross neighbourhood is situated on the north-eastern edge of the city centre. Its boundaries are Swan Street to the south, Livesey Street to the north, Rochdale Road and Bromley Street to the west, and Oldham Road to the east. The area is situated immediately adjacent to Ancoats and the Northern Quarter, and forms part of the Northern Gateway opportunity area, which is a significant focus for new residential and mixed-use development.

The purpose of the draft strategy is to provide a robust and practical analysis of public-realm provision in Zone A of New Cross, taking stock of the vision and objectives articulated through the NDF. It also includes a series of interventions that will ensure a high-performing public realm to support the creation of a successful and sustainable neighbourhood. We will use the strategy as a practical tool to engage with landowners and developers, and to steward and co-ordinate public-realm provision. 

Consultation feedback

As part of the consultation programme, we are seeking feedback from stakeholders on the proposals in the draft New Cross Public Realm Strategy.

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