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Planning & regeneration Great Jackson Street SRF: 2017

Great Jackson Street Strategic Regeneration Framework: November 2017

Public Consultation: November 2017

What its about:

In March 2015 the Executive Committee, Manchester City Council endorsed in principle a new Strategic Regeneration Framework to help guide the regeneration of the Great Jackson Street area of the City Centre. Recently the Development Framework has been updated following a further design review .The Executive Committee requested that the Chief Executive undertake a further public consultation exercise with local stakeholders, and report the outcome to the Executive Committee in due course.

How it will be achieved:

This public consultation will begin on Friday 3rd November 2017. We would welcome your comments on this updated document and the impact this proposal would have on yourself. Your response can be sent by email to: or by post to:

City Centre Regeneration Team, PO Box 532, Manchester City Council, Town Hall. M60 2LA

All comments from people wishing to take part in this public consultation must be received by Friday 15 December 2017, so that they can be included in a report to the Executive Committee on the outcome of the Public Consultation. Please include your post code when responding. 

Summary of Great Jackson Street SRF:

The Great Jackson Street area occupies a strategic position in the Southern gateway to the City Centre. It is located adjacent to Castlefield and is bounded by Chester Road and the River Medlock to the north and west, the Mancunian Way to the south and the residential developments on City Road East to the east. It consists of around 20 acres (8 hectares) of land.

The revised draft regeneration framework sets out how the area could be developed as a new residential district. The overall aim would be to create a high quality residential neighbourhood with high value homes that would support the growth of the economy. It would be possible to create a vibrant, safe, secure and sustainable community incorporating a range of dwelling types, providing an attractive place to live with a range of apartments and two and three storey houses. This would be supported and underpinned by the creation of a high quality environment including areas of public space, shared/private amenity space and new pedestrian linkages and connections.

See the draft framework

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