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Manchester City Council recognises the importance of tackling climate change on two fronts: reducing greenhouse gas emissions to minimise future global climate change (mitigation) and planning for the unavoidable local impacts of climate change (adaptation).

The Principles of Tackling Climate Change in Manchester - In February 2008 the City Council approved 17 Principles of Tackling Climate Change in Manchester, from which we can develop a coherent action plan describing how Manchester will become a low carbon city by 2020. For more information visit the Principles of Tackling Climate Change page below.

Climate Change Call to Action - Building on the commitments made in the Principles paper, the City Council approved the Climate Change Call to Action in January 2009. The Call to Action describes a new way of thinking about climate change, which fits in the context of the Community Strategy; describes how taking early action on climate change will make Manchester become an even better place in which to live and work; and includes a specific commitment to produce a stakeholder plan for tackling climate change across the city in advance of the UN Summit on Climate Change in Copenhagen in December 2009. For more information visit the Climate Change Call to Action page below.

Manchester's Climate Change Action Plan - Endorsed by the Council's Executive Committee in November 2009, the plan: "Manchester. A Certain Future" sets out a strategic framework of actions that need to be taken by organisations and individuals throughout the City to address the challenges and opportunities of climate change between now and 2020. The actions aim collectively to substantially reduce the city's emissions of CO2 and to achieve a change in culture that enables residents, businesses and other organisations to take steps to adopt and implement the principles of a low carbon economy. For more information see the Manchester. A Certain Future page below.

Greater Manchester Climate Change Strategy (GMCCS) - Greater Manchester launched its pioneering Climate Change Strategy in July 2011, setting out how it will build a greener, more sustainable region.

The strategy sets out Greater Manchester's plan to build a low carbon economy by 2020, reducing carbon emissions by 48% and reacting to the changing climate while creating future jobs and new industries in the 'green' sector. The document co-ordinates the carbon reduction plans already crafted by the ten Greater Manchester local authorities and provides an effective, integrated approach to tackling climate change. The plan outlines four headline visions for Greater Manchester by 2020:

§         A rapid transition to a low carbon economy

§         Collective carbon emissions reduced by 48%

§         Be prepared for and actively adapting to a rapidly changing climate

§         'Carbon literacy' will have become embedded into the culture of organisations, lifestyles and behaviours

Manchester is already contributing to the delivery of GMCCS through Manchester . A Certain Future and a number of programmes being delivered in conjunction with the nine other Greater Manchester Local Authorities.

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