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Introduction to Children's Partnership

The recently established Children's Board leads the Children's Partnership (formerly known as Children's Trust Arrangements) and has the overall, strategic responsibility for improving outcomes for children, young people and their families in Manchester. 

The Children's Board is committed to working together to reduce dependency and levels of need in our communities and will make best use of shared resources and target them to best effect.  Our Joint Strategy for Improving Outcomes for Children, Young People and their Families sets out a number of key principles and priorities that will guide the work of all partners.

The Children's Board has a wide-ranging membership encompassing children's services, health, police, schools, re-generation and the voluntary sector as well as having strong links with the Manchester Safeguarding Children's Board (MSCB).

In April 2012 Children's Board decided to have a more focussed programme of work for 2012/2013, concentrating on delivering elements of the 14 priorities articulated in the Joint Strategy.  The Children's Board would not look to duplicate the work of others and would operate in-line with other relevant boards, strategies and partnerships.  The priorities for 2012/2013 will align with, amongst others, the Manchester Partnership, Health & Wellbeing Board, Family Poverty Strategy, Alcohol Strategy and Manchester Investment Fund (MIF). 

Useful information and meeting details (including agendas and minutes) are available on the Manchester Partnership website (external).

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