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Schools, education & childcare Data Sharing Protocol


Procedure for revision

Suggestions for further revision to this document should be submitted to the Research and Statistics Manager. Consultation will take place with the partners relevant to the suggestion (schools, departmental staff or START partners) being considered, before revisions are accepted/rejected. The final decision on revisions rests with the DMT member responsible for Information Management Strategy (currently the Strategy and Performance Manager), of which this document forms a key part.

Revision history

Version 1, May 2003: Original document constructed, and consultation with high school heads and all primary schools.

Version 2, October 2004: Document reformatted and text on School Improvement Categories added following consultation with High School Heads. This version did not fully represent the meaning of version 1.

Version 3, December 2004: This version, which incorporates the last 2 versions, with a proposed procedure for revision added.

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