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Benefits & support If you disagree with our decision on Housing Benefit, Council Tax Support (and Council Tax Benefit)

Independent appeal tribunals for Housing Benefit and outstanding Council Tax Benefit appeals

You can appeal about Housing Benefit to an appeal tribunal. They also hear outstanding appeals about Council Tax Benefit. 

  • There will be a hearing, usually in central Manchester, where you can go and put your case. You don't have to attend though, the tribunal can just deal with the paperwork.
  • The tribunal is independent of the Council and is organised by the Tribunals Service who are based in Liverpool.
  • There is only one member and they will have a legal qualification.
  • They will always give you a written decision, even if you don't attend.
  • They don't hear appeals about Council Tax Support.

When would you appeal to a tribunal?

  • If you ask us to change our decision and we don't change it.
  • If you prefer to go straight to a tribunal instead of asking us to change the decision. You must make it clear in your letter to us if you want to do this.

How to appeal to a tribunal

  • Write to the Appeals Officer, PO Box 3, Manchester, M15 5BA.
  • Be very clear about which decision you are appealing against, say why you think it's wrong and give any extra information and evidence you think should be considered.
  • Sign the letter yourself.

What happens when you ask to appeal to a tribunal?

  • If we, the Benefits Service, can change our decision, we'll change it and send you a new decision.
  • If we can't change our decision, we'll prepare papers that explain our decision for the tribunal and then we'll send copies to you and the Tribunal Service.

Once we have sent the papers to the Tribunal Service

The Tribunal Service will send you a pre-hearing enquiry form that you must return to them within 14 days. The form asks you:

  • whether you still want your appeal to go ahead
  • whether you want a hearing that both you and the Benefits Service attend; or
  • whether you want to have your appeal dealt with without a hearing.

If you don't return the form within 14 days the Tribunal Service will cancel your appeal.

Taking your appeal further

If you think the tribunal's decision is legally wrong you have the right of appeal to the Upper Tribunal.

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