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Benefits & support What is Council Tax Support

It is a reduction in your Council Tax bill.  If you apply for Council Tax Support and are awarded it we send you a new bill that shows the reduction and the new balance that you owe.

These things affect how much Council Tax Support you get:

Your income. Generally the less income you have the more help you can get from Council Tax Support.

Your age. If you are working-age Council Tax Support will not cover all your bill. From April 2017 working-age people in Manchester who are liable for Council Tax must pay at least 17.5% of their bill. Council Tax Support will only help with the remaining 82.5%. To make things easier you can spread your payments over 12 months.
Pension-age people can still get help with the whole bill.  More about the Council Tax Support rules for pension-age people.
The size of your family. Households with more children generally get more Council Tax Support but the rules changed in April 2017. We now often have to limit the number of children to two when we work out Council Tax Support for families.
Other adults who live with you. You may get less help from Council Tax Support if other adults live with you who can be expected to help you pay the Council Tax bill - they are called non-dependants. 
See more information about  non-dependants.
Your savings. Your savings may affect how much Council Tax Support you get. If you have £16,000 or more you can't get any Council Tax Support. There is a different rule for some pension-age people.
Discounts and exemptions. These are other reductions on your Council Tax bill, for example Single Person Discount. If you get any of them we work out Council Tax Support after they have been taken off. More about discounts and exemptions 
There is a lot more detail about how your circumstances affect Council Tax Support.

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