Manchester City Council

Benefits & support Extra help with your council tax bill

You may be able to get temporary help in certain circumstances if you are struggling to pay your council tax. 

There are no definite rules for who qualifies - you don't even have to be entitled to Council Tax Support.

We look at each application individually. But you must:

  • live in the area covered by Manchester City Council; and
  • be in severe hardship through unusual circumstances 

We are more likely to give you extra help if:

  • you started to have problems recently - after a reduction in Council Tax Support for instance - rather than having had them for a long time 
  • your council tax problems are out of the control of you and your household - we expect adults who live with you to contribute to the bill
  • you will work with us to pay off any council tax you owe, and are likely to stay out of debt in the future.

If you apply, but are refused, we won't normally consider another application unless your circumstances have become worse.

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Was this page helpful?