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Benefits & Support Free school meals and secondary-school clothing grants

How to claim

If you are already getting Housing Benefit or Council Tax Support, you don't need to fill in a separate form to claim these education benefits. But make sure that you tell us the name and address of your child's school.

You can claim these education benefits as part of a new claim for Housing Benefit and Council Tax Support.

Or, you can claim free school meals and secondary-school clothing grants on our Education benefits-only claim form. Get one from your child's school or download a form to fill in and send to us.
Ring us on 0161 234 5003 if you want us to post you out a form.

We need to see evidence that the child lives with you and that you are responsible for them. For example, an original document:

  • that shows you get Child Benefit for the child (this could be your Child Benefit award letter showing your current address); or
  • that shows that the child is part of your household (this could be a Child Tax Credit award letter showing the child's name).

If you are an asylum seeker, don't fill in these claim forms - there is a separate procedure. You need to contact your child's school and show them evidence that you are an asylum seeker. The school can accept one of these documents as evidence.

  • IS96
  • Standard acknowledgement letter (SAL) 1 or 2
  • Letter from the Home Office
  • Letter from a solicitor
  • Application registration card (ARC)

The school will check your documents and arrange the free school meals. For secondary-school clothing grants they will also fill in a form AS2 with you and send it to us. The school has this form.

See who qualifies for education benefits

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