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Consultations & surveys Commissioning Mental Health Residential and Nursing Care Services

Consultation on Mental Health Residential and Nursing Care services

A 12 week consultation process ran from 6 December 2011 and ended on 28 February 2012.

Manchester City Council proposed to change the way it commissioned Residential and Nursing Care placements for customers with mental ill-health.   

We sought the views of both existing and prospective Service Providers in relation to our future commissioning intentions and the development of a mental health specific service specification and pricing framework. 


In February 2011, the council completed an 18 month strategic commissioning review of all its Mental Health Residential and Nursing placements.  This is the first time the council had completed such a wide ranging and detailed service review of mental health.

As a result of this review the council wanted to change the way its Residential and Nursing Care services were delivered for its customers. 

We wanted to commission mental health services whose delivery models were underpinned by the principles of recovery orientated practice.  People with mental health problems can and do recover.  This may or may not include clinical recovery but does mean, as much as individually possible, leading a fulfilling life and contributing to society and Manchester 's local economy.

Along with Manchester Mental Health and Social Care Trust the council is one of only six national demonstrator sites who are tasked with delivering "Implementing Recovery a method for organisational change" which is a national initiative sponsored by the Department of Health, NHS Confederation and the Centre for Mental Health.

This mental health initiative challenges all of us to change our organisational culture and day to day practice, to become more recovery orientated and achieve better outcomes for customers.

Mental Health Service Specification and Pricing Framework

The proposed service specification was broadly based on the following key building blocks:

These last two points are encompassed in the single document "Combined Specification and Pricing Framework".

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