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We have recently asked for views on whether residents think these proposals make the best use of the funding we have. The closing date for completing the consultation questionnaire was 6 May 2013.

The results of this survey and the recommendations for services changes can be viewed in the Supporting People Report to Health Scrutiny Committee.

It is the ambition of Manchester City Council that our residents achieve their potential to live healthy, independent lives and make a positive contribution to our city and local communities.

Over the past ten years, our Supporting People programme has funded a wide range of housing related services that support vulnerable people to move into or maintain independent accommodation.

Services include crisis prevention and support to prevent hospital admissions, reoffending and homelessness. A vast range of organisations provide support services across Manchester under the programme, including Manchester City Council, the NHS, private companies, voluntary organisations, home improvement agencies, not-for-profit landlords, charities and others. Manchester City Council co-ordinates all these support services. Every provider has a contract with the Council to provide agreed levels of support. We regularly review all services to ensure that support is high quality and value for money.

There are two types of support available: accommodation-based or floating.

Accommodation based support is where services are delivered at specific types of accommodation such as hostels, sheltered housing and supported housing.

Floating support is not tied to specific accommodation; instead, support is provided for people in their own homes regardless of where they live.

Floating support can assist people in a number of ways. For example, it can help to reduce the risk of homelessness by assisting those with mental ill health who are struggling to manage a budget and rent payments. It can also be provided for customers who may previously have lived in more intensively supported accommodation, such as a hostel, and require a short period of additional support to manage a tenancy and to move towards training, employment
and independent living.

In response to the budget settlement, Manchester City Council is looking at ways to save £3.4million from the Supporting People programme while ensuring vulnerable adults continue to receive the support they require. To achieve this we have a number of proposals:

  • To invest a greater proportion of funding in floating support services and reduce the amount of funding invested in accommodation-based services. This means we can support more people in the city
  • To develop a number of general and specialist floating support services that will enable us to better meet customers' assessed needs
  • To develop and use eligibility criteria to ensure our services are delivered to the people who need them most, while ensuring those people found not to be eligible are signposted to other services that might be able to offer support
  • To work with people leaving our accommodation based services and help them to access accommodation in the private rented sector as well as in social housing. Social housing is currently in high demand, but in short supply. This means there can often be a delay in offering accommodation based services to other people in need of such support.

A presentation outlining the background to the consultation can be downloaded here.

You can download a copy of the questionnaire should you want to see the questions we asked.

An information booklet we made available to help respondents complete the form is available to download.


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