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Planning & regeneration Irwell City Park Planning Guidance

On 12th March 2008 Manchester City Council adopted Planning Guidance to support the delivery of Irwell City Park. The guidance was prepared in conjunction with Salford City Council and Trafford Metropolitan Borough Council and sets out a vision for the restoration of the river to create a unique waterfront location within the heart of the Regional Centre.

The Irwell City Park Planning Guidance sets out guidelines which the three councils as local planning authorities will use as a material consideration in determining applications for planning permission and other matters in the Irwell City Park area. In addition it establishes a set of principles to ensure the provision of a continuous riverside cycle/walkway and the high quality design of public openspaces and other infrastructure. The guidance has been prepared as a non-statutory planning document, but is set within the planning policy framework provided by the statutory development plans of the three local authorities.

The draft Guidance was consulted on between 17th August and 27th September 2007. The Schedule of Representations sets out all comments received by the three authorities and sets out where changes were made in the adopted version in response to comments.

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