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Join the apprentice revolution

Join the Revolution!

If you’re leaving school or college and unsure what to do next, why not check out an apprenticeship? With over 200 different types of apprenticeships across many industry sectors, there are more opportunities than ever before to earn while you learn. From finance to engineering, science to media, retail to healthcare, there's an apprenticeship out there for you.

Real jobs with training

Apprenticeships are real jobs and real careers with training. As paid employees, apprentices earn a wage and learn on the job. They go to college and work towards nationally recognised qualifications.

Many employers see apprentices as the best way of growing their business with loyal and qualified employees.

And research suggests that apprentices can earn on average £100,000 more over their career compared to other employees.

If you're over 16 you can apply to become an apprentice, whether you are unemployed, leaving school, are already in work or wanting to start a new career. Apprenticeships can offer a real alternative to university and higher education without the fees.

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