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Enquiries and advice

The quickest way is online:

Education benefits enquiry form.

When you might use the Education benefits enquiry form:

Example 1
You have good reason to believe a child should be getting free school meals (perhaps you have seen proof that their parent has a qualifying income) but their name is not on the list from us telling you to allow free school meals.

Example 2
The name of a child who does not attend your school is on the list from us telling you to allow free school meals. There may be confusion about a child's surname or which school they attend.

Example 3
We have told you a child is no longer entitled to free school meals but their brother (also at your school) is still entitled.

Don't worry if your query isn't listed here. Please use the enquiry form.

We aim to deal with most queries and reply to you within seven days of receiving them. We aim to reply to all of them within 14 days. Please don't try to phone us as well.

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Was this page helpful?