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Every year we get over 150,000 enquiries about environmental issues. Things like litter, graffiti, fly-tipping, rubbish and recycling collections are big priorities in most communities. Here's some great news that will help us make a real difference . . .

Our investment in Manchester airport has given us a one-off cash boost of over £14million. We're going to use it to create a greener, cleaner Manchester and we want your help to invest it.

We want your ideas on how we can tackle local environmental problems in your area that will last for many years.

We also want you to look at ideas that other people or groups have submitted in your area. You can tell us if you like them and if you’d like to help or get involved.

If you are a business you can pledge your support maybe by donating money, staff time or other services and resources.

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Was this page helpful?