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How supported lodgings works

Supported lodgings is different to being in care or living with a foster carer because:

  • you have your own house key
  • you pay £15 rent a week
  • you can stay out two nights a week, as long as you let the person you live with know you are safe and where you are staying
  • you do your own cooking, cleaning, and laundry
  • you have 24-hour access to wifi
  • you and your person you live with negotiate the time you come home at night
  • you receive a weekly allowance of £57.90 to spend how you choose
  • the person you live with supplies all your food; however, you will be expected to cook some of your own meals
  • the person you live with is not your parent and doesn’t treat you like a child. You will be treated and spoken to like an adult
  • you choose the type of person you live with. We have families, single men or women, different ethnicities, sexualities and ages, and providers are located in various areas of Greater Manchester. We'll try our best to find someone in an area as close as possible to your request, but it is not always possible to find your ideal. You will meet the person a couple of times before agreeing to move in, so if you don’t like them, we can try somebody else. We will never force you to live somewhere you don't want to.

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Was this page helpful?