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Town Hall tours

Our tours of the Town Hall gives people of all ages the chance to look behind the scenes at Manchester’s civic centrepiece this Autumn.

The tours are led by Manchester Guided Tours and will offer you the chance to visit parts of the Town Hall not normally accessible to the public. More will be revealed about the building’s history and allow you to see for yourself why a major project is needed to protect it for future generations.

Highlights of the tours include:

  • the courtyard with its 19th-century cobbles and leaded windows - a favourite location for film-makers
  • a display cabinet containing the silver dinner set used at the Town Hall’s official opening
  • usually unseen areas such as the porter’s cubby hole

If you’re lucky, you might even hear the resounding tones of the grand Cavaille-Coll organ being played in the Great Hall.

Tours run on Sundays. For further information, tour start times and to book, visit

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