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Pay by the hour car hire scheme

City Car Club operates the UK's largest network of Car Club vehicles.  There are a range of low emission cars and vans available.

Vehicles are booked on the internet or by phone, weeks, months ahead or as little as a minute before a vehicle is needed. Once a booking is completed, members simply walk to a vehicle, unlock it (using a personal smart card and PIN) and drive away.

The vehicles give residents, workers and businesses a greener, more convenient and cost effective alternative to car ownership - whilst reducing congestion.

Each vehicle is available for City Car Club members to hire out for as little as half an hour at a time. The number of vehicles is expanding as membership of the scheme increases.

Manchester City Council sees City Car Club pay by the hour cars as important tools for tackling congestion in Manchester as they offer practical, cost-effective access to a car when needed, complementing public transport, walking and cycling.

The fleet of low-emission vehicles are located in and around the city, locations include; 

  • Manchester City centre
  • Hulme 
  • Chorlton 
  • Didsbury 
  • Wythenshawe 
  • Salford Quays

For further information you can visit the City Car Club website or contact Rebecca Bird at City Car Club on 07921 898223 or email



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