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Roads & transport Manchester and Salford inner relief route improvement scheme

The Manchester Salford inner relief route is the main ring road around the city centre, including sections of Trinity Way, The Mancunian Way and Great Ancoats Street.

We know there are congestion problems, particularly the Dawson Street-Regent Road-Trinity Way-Water Street junction and the area around it. We are working with Salford Council to improve the junction so it can cope with the amount of traffic it gets. This will cut congestion in the area and on the ring road as a whole – getting people to where they want to be quicker.

It will be better for cyclists and pedestrians too. We will provide fully signalled pedestrian crossings and we’ll be keeping the bike routes through the junction, either as a cycleway or as a crossing shared with pedestrians.

The work will also mean new jobs and more investment for the city.

Phase 1 Advance Work that is due to start on 23 October 2017 on the Manchester Salford Inner Relief Road (MSIRR) and which is expected to last approximately 4 months. The impact of the work on traffic flow is expected to be low, as the majority of the Phase 1 work will take place off the main highway in pedestrian footpaths.

We’ll be improving six junctions:

  1. The junction of Dawson Street, Regent Road, Trinity Way and Water Street
  2. The junction of Regent Road and Ordsall Lane (Salford)
  3. The junction of Regent Road and Oldfield Road (Salford)
  4. The Mancunian Way, A56, A5067 roundabout
  5. The junction of Trinity Way and Hampson Street
  6. The junction of Hampson Street, East Ordsall Lane and Middlewood Street

See what we’ll do at each junction.

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