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If you have applied for a school place for your child at a school in Manchester, and that application has been refused in writing, you have a right to appeal against that refusal. It is important that the refusal decision is in writing, we will not accept an appeal if you have visited a school and been told the school is full and so have not made a formal application for a place there.

How to appeal

The Education appeals service in Manchester hears appeals by parents concerning the school that they wish their child to attend. Normally these are appeals where a child has not been given a place at one of the parents' preferred schools.

The School Admissions Appeals Service in Manchester makes arrangements for the appeals for almost all the publicly funded schools in Manchester. The schools the service does not support are: St Catherine's Roman Catholic Primary School, King David Primary School, King David High School, The Manchester Academy, The East Manchester Academy, the Communications Academy, William Hulme Grammar School Academy, and Wright Robinson College. If you want to appeal about an admission for one of these schools you must contact the school directly.

Appeal against a school admissions decision 

Contact Details

School Admissions Service - for help with school place applications 

Telephone: 0161 245 7166

Independent School Appeals Service - when an application for a place has been refused
PO Box 532
Town Hall
M60 2LA

Telephone: 0161 234 3038
Fax: 0161 274 7017


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