Manchester City Council

Schools, education & childcare Waiting lists

Children starting at a new school after the start of the September term

We split these children into four categories:

Category one

Children who are looked after by a council, or have been in the past.

Category two

Children with exceptional medical or social needs. You need to have given us evidence of this when you applied. We then decide if it is an exceptional need.

Category three

Children who have a brother or sister, that lives with them, who will be at the same school when they start. This includes adopted siblings, step-siblings and other foster children. We don’t include children in the nursery or sixth-form.

Category four

Children who have moved to Manchester and don’t have a school place.

This includes:

  • Children who have moved to Manchester from another area and it’s unreasonable for them to carry on going to their old school; and
  • children who have moved here from abroad.

We will look at the schools you have applied for and offer your most preferred school where that has a place. If there are no places at any of the schools you have applied for we offer the nearest school to your home with places.

Category five

All other children.

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