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Our hearts go out to Barcelona and Cambrils in the wake of the sickening incidents on 17 August 2017. Manchester stands in solidarity.

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Staying where you are

Everyone should have the opportunity to live in a decent home; a home they can afford, in an area they want. But it's not always easy to find the right place.

Perhaps, instead of moving somewhere that's not really what you want, you can stay where you are for the moment? We may be able to help you sort out problems you have in your current home. For example . . .

Problems with a private landlord

You may want to move because you're not getting a good service from your landlord. Perhaps your home is in poor condition, repairs aren't done on time, or you are worried about health and safety. Your landlord may be even harassing you or threatening to evict you. You can get help with renting from a private landlord.

Neighbour dispute

Do you want to move because of a dispute with neighbours, or because you're suffering from antisocial behaviour? We may be able to help. Neighbour disputes can sometimes be solved by our external mediators, they help find a solution that suits everyone. It gets results, and it's free!

If the problem is more serious we have legal powers to tackle antisocial behaviour. It may mean that the perpetrator moves out of their home, leaving you to live in peace. After all, why should you have to move?

Repairs and maintenance

Perhaps you want to move because your home is run-down, and you can't afford vital maintenance or improvements. We can give you expert advice, or help you to arrange an affordable loan to carry out essential repairs, improve your home, or put in new facilities. It's called the 'Home Improve Assistance' scheme.

Or if you are an older person, you may be able to get help with major improvements, minor maintenance and repairs, home safety and security and general from not-for-profit organisations like Manchester Care and Repair (external website).

Energy efficiency

Do you want to move because your home is cold and expensive to heat. Before looking for somewhere new, have you checked out the different ways to make your home much more energy-efficient? You may be able to get it done for free - or at massively reduced prices.

Mortgage problems

You may be under threat of losing your home because of mortgage problems for instance. Help with mortgage problems is available from the Citizens Advice Bureau, or if court proceedings have begun, the Personal Support Unit at the Civil Justice Centre.

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