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Homes & property A summary of our rehousing rules

A guide to our allocations scheme

Not-for-profit landlords like us, housing associations, and housing trusts rent out almost 70,000 homes in Manchester.

Some landlords have their own policies for deciding who gets priority for available homes; but most homes are allocated to people using our rehousing rules - our 'allocations scheme'. 

This includes all homes from Northwards Housing and Southway Housing Trust; plus at least half the homes available from around 20 other not-for-profit landlords across Manchester - including Eastlands Homes, Parkway Green Housing Trust and City South Manchester Housing Trust.

Clear and fair

The allocations scheme helps us rehouse people in a clear, orderly and fair way, so that homes go to those who most need them and deserve them. The rules reflect the demand for housing in Manchester, and the law on who should get priority for homes.

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