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Homes & property A summary of our rehousing rules

Reduced priority

In certain circumstances we reduce someone's rehousing priority to a low band (Band 6). This could be because:

  • You don't live in Manchester and have no recognised connection to the city through work, previous residence or close family for example; or
  • You have behaved inappropriately - you may have rent arrears, have broken a tenancy agreement, or acted antisocially in the past for example; or
  • You and the people moving with you have a combined household income from work of £60,000 or more, or have disposable capital, assets or savings worth £75,000 or more; or
  • You are homeless, but you have done something deliberately - or neglected to do something - that has caused you to lose your home. You may have been evicted for antisocial behaviour or not paying your rent; or the Council believes you did not need to leave your previous home.
  • You have not provided two satisfactory references.

If your priority is reduced like this, you go into Band 6a if you have a specified need to move that would otherwise put you in one of the three top bands. You go into in to Band 6b if you do not have a specified need to move.

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