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Homes & property A summary of our rehousing rules

Choosing a home

We give rehousing applicants as much choice as possible by using a 'choice based lettings system' called Manchester Move. The vast majority of homes that are available through our allocations scheme are advertised through Manchester Move.

Homes are advertised on the Manchester Move website.

Homes you really want

The only way to get a home on Manchester Move is to bid for it. There's no money involved; a 'bid' is simply the way you express an interest in that particular property.

You can make up to three bids during any one bidding period. Bidding periods last a week - from early Thursday morning to Wednesday afternoon. Only bid for homes you really want. If you bid for homes and then turn them down, you may end up with a reduced rehousing priority in future.

How to bid for a home

By far the best way to see homes and bid for them is on the Manchester Move website.

Check all the homes you're eligible for, see photos, detailed descriptions and maps, and bid for a home with just one click. You can also bid when it suits you - 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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Was this page helpful?