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Homes & property A summary of our rehousing rules

Your chance of a home

Your chance of a home depends on seven main things:

  • how often you look for homes and bid for homes on Manchester Move.
  • the rehousing band you're in - the higher the band, the better your chances.
  • how long you've been in that band - called your 'award date'. The earlier this date, the better your chances.
  • the type and size of home you're eligible for. Some properties are more readily-available than others.
  • in flats, the age of the youngest person who is moving - some homes are reserved for people over a certain age.
  • the area you want. In some areas, homes come up very often - but in others there's nothing available for a long time.
  • how many other people go for a home when it's advertised.

Find out much more about how all these factors affect your chance of a home. Go to Manchester Move: your chance of a home.

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Was this page helpful?