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There are issues with some mobile networks reaching our contact centre, we are working with the networks to fix this. If you are affected, please retry. There are no issues with land lines.


Homes & property Register for rehousing

To get a home rented from a Manchester housing association, the Council, or another not-for-profit landlord you must 'register' for rehousing.

Do this on the Manchester Move website. Manchester Move is a 'choice-based' rehousing system run by the City Council and other not-for-profit landlords.

High demand

There's a high demand for homes with not-for-profit landlords in many parts of Manchester.

You are more likely to find something if, after registering, you are given a high 'rehousing priority'. This could be because you're threatened with homelessness, or you're suffering from overcrowding, a relationship breakdown, harassment, a medical condition or another serious situation.

Or it may be because you have a 'community connection' to a certain area through your parents, work or education for example.

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