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Feedback and testimonials

Course Feedback

We're proud of the feedback we receive from delegates on our training sessions. Our most recent feedback shows:

  • 100% of delegates attending ASBAT training courses in 2011 state the trainer(s) were professional in their approach.
  • 92% of delegates attending the 'Introduction to ASB' course felt the information was pitched at the right level for them.
  • 100% of delegates attending the 'Introduction to ASB' course felt they had sufficient opportunity to express their opinions and the length of the briefing or training was appropriate for the amount of information.
  • 100% of ASB practitioner delegates who attended ASBAT training courses in August 2011, said the training was relevant to their current role and they had sufficient opportunity to express their opinions, ask questions and make comments.

Delegates who attended "A harm based approach to ASB and risk assessment and an introduction to mental health issues" training on 1 September 2011, said the sessions was;

  • Very informative with excellent discussions.
  • All round an excellent training day.
  • Very informative and useful. Food for thought.
  • Excellent course, very practical information and tips on current challenges for RSLs at present.
  • One of the best / informative and interesting course for ages.
  • Very informative, liked the use of real example case studies.

Partner testimonials

We work with Police forces, registered providers, schools and local residents and have received lots of positive feedback about our service.

Greater Manchester Police said
"At all times ASBAT staff have been keen, focused and committed to their task providing a professional service that has benefitted and enhanced officers knowledge and understanding of the work and support that ASBAT offer."

Melanie Densley, ASB Manager, Parkway Green Housing Trust said
"We currently have a service level agreement with ASBAT. We mainly use this time for emergency duty cases. The duty officers provide a fast service and are great to work with. The officers contact complainants and other agencies on our behalf to ensure the case has the swiftest resolution for the customer. ASBAT officers have varied expertise, which we have found a useful resource for guidance when cases involve complex issues. Our staff have benefited from the training packages offered by ASBAT which they have found interesting and informative due to the approach used involving case studies and role play which kept them engaged throughout the sessions. We have a good working relationship with ASBAT and would recommend their services."

Ian Fenn Headteacher at Burnage High School said
"I have a much better understanding (of how you can tackle ASB) and believe the advice given by the team was most useful. The team are one of the very few that I would bother contacting. Their response is pretty immediate and comprehensive."

Resident testimonials

"Thanks to your intervention the noise nuisance has completely stopped and my partner and I are able to get a decent nights sleep before work in the morning. This has alleviated the stress we were both undergoing and has made life in our home relaxing and pleasurable once more. I would like, therefore, to express our deepest thanks to you and the rest of the ASBAT team for their work in achieving this for us."

"I would like to thank you for your kind assistance in solving the problem neighbours in our area."

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