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The Council & democracy Neighbourhoods and Environment Scrutiny Committee

Neighbourhoods and Environment Scrutiny Committee membership

The following elected members make up the Committee:

  • Councillor Azra Ali
  • Councillor Shaukat Ali 
  • Councillor Paula Appleby
  • Councillor Abid Chohan
  • Councillor John Hughes
  • Councillor Lee-Ann Igbon
  • Councillor Veronica Kirkpatrick
  • Councillor John Leech
  • Councillor John Longsden
  • Councillor Donna Ludford
  • Councillor Beth Marshall
  • Councillor Dzidra Noor
  • Councillor Chris Paul
  • Councillor Kevin Peel (Chair)
  • Councillor Dave Rawson
  • Councillor Paula Sadler
  • Councillor Basat Sheikh

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    The reports, agenda and minutes of meetings of this Committee are published on this website. The dates of future meetings are also shown.

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