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Our Manchester Forum

In early 2016, Manchester launched the Our Manchester Strategy, which sets out a long-term vision for Manchester’s future and describes how it will be achieved. The development of the strategy was overseen by the Our Manchester Forum (previously the Manchester Leaders Forum), whose membership is made up of senior stakeholders from a range of sectors across the. The Forum was established in 2014 with the express intention of shaping Manchester’s long-term strategy and monitoring its implementation. 

Our vision is for Manchester to be in the top flight of world-class cities by 2025, when the city will:

Have a competitive, dynamic and sustainable economy that draws on our distinctive strengths in science, advanced manufacturing, culture, and creative and digital business – cultivating and encouraging new idea

  • Possess highly skilled, enterprising and industrious people
  • Be connected, internationally and within the UK
  • Play its full part in limiting the impacts of climate change
  • Be a place where residents from all backgrounds feel safe, can aspire, succeed and live well
  • Be clean, attractive, culturally rich, outward-looking and welcoming.

There are five themes to the Our Manchester strategy:  

  • A thriving and sustainable city
  • A highly skilled city
  • A progressive and equitable city 
  • A liveable and low-carbon city 
  • A connected city

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