Manchester City Council

Update on Mancunian Way

The westbound carriageway of the Mancunian Way has reopened after it was temporarily closed due to safety concerns.

The carriageway is now open again, with a contraflow enabling traffic to move in both directions , while the eastbound carriageway remains closed.

A 20mph speed limit will remain in force on the westbound carriageway, and heavy goods vehicles will not be able to use the road.

A Manchester City Council spokesman said: "The westbound carriageway had to be closed yesterday due to safety concerns, after a hole appeared within an existing work compound, in an area that was being excavated to repair the original highway collapse.

"We worked closely with United Utilities who, like us, treated this as an urgent priority and have now been able to reinforce the hole. This has now been successful and we have been able to reopen the westbound carriageway. I would like to apologise to motorists for the inconvenience that this caused them."

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