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Chartism and the Anti-Corn Law League

  • Anti-Corn Law League letter books 1838-1840 (ref: GB127.BRMS f 337.2 A1). Use microfilm MF 501-503. We also hold the Ant-Corn Law Circulars 1839-1841 (on microfilm MF 2819).
  • John Bright (1811-1889) Correspondence 1852-1876 (ref: GB127.MS f 923.2 BR13).
  • Cobden Family Papers 1817-1935 (ref: GB127.M87) The Letters of Richard Cobden Volume I 1815-1847 (Oxford University Press 2007) (Manchester Central Library 328.41092 COB(927)).
  • Letters from Richard Cobden to Thomas Hogskin, editor of Hansard, 1841-1864 (ref: GB127.MISC/767/1-4).
  • Ernest Jones (1819-1869) Papers. Politician, chartist, poet and novelist (ref: various).
  • Letters to A.B. Wakefield of Hipperholme, Yorks regarding Ernest Jones, 1886-1891 (ref: GB127.MS Q 923.2 Jo4).
  • Mark Philips (1800-1873), M.P. for Manchester; the Park, Prestwich; and Stratford upon Avon. Diaries and correspondence, 1820-1872 (ref: GB127.M571).
  • John Benjamin Smith Papers (ref: various). John Benjamin Smith was a Manchester cotton merchant who was prominent figure in the Anti-Corn Law League. He served as Liberal MP for Stockport from 1852-1874. He died in September 1879. A name index to these  can be found in the archives search room (Autograph letters index).
  • Watkin Family Papers 1831-1887 (ref: GB127.M219). Includes papers concerning Manchester Reform Committee 1831-1832; correspondence from John Bright 1850-1887; correspondence from Richard Cobden 1844-1864 .
  • George Wilson (1808-1870) Papers (ref: GB127.). Correspondence of George Wilson and other family members, 1827-1885. These papers number 5,000 items and include correspondence from Gladstone, Bright, Cobden and other prominent figures.

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