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Pollute Less, Pay Less

As part of the campaign to become Britain's Greenest City Manchester is committed to reducing the City's carbon emissions. Target 1 of the Green City programme aims to reduce city-wide CO2 emissions at a rate exceeding the Kyoto agreement.

One of the main contributors to CO2 emissions in Manchester is from vehicle exhaust. To tackle this Manchester has been working with the other Greater Manchester Councils to put together a range of proposals that will transform public transport in the region.

However, we also appreciate that for some people travelling by public transport may not always be a viable option. That is why we have joined forces with NCP Manchester Ltd to reward drivers of low emission vehicles, and try to encourage those parking in the city-centre to switch to low emission vehicles.

Manchester City Council and NCP have launched a unique Green Badge parking scheme which offers a discount of 25% on the cost of an annual season ticket at various city centre car parks.

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