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Local Regeneration Plan for Ardwick

The development of this local plan is now complete and it was formally approved by Manchester City Council's Executive in October 2007. The views of residents, businesses, public, private and voluntary sector organisations were obtained and have been used to help inform the final document.

Ardwick faces a number of challenges. As Manchester lost jobs from the 1950s onwards, the population of Ardwick fell as people who had jobs moved elsewhere. However, over the last 10 years, Manchester's economy has been transformed. The city has been the focus of investment and there has been a rapid growth in jobs. Over the next 10 to 15 years, there will be an estimated 100,000 new jobs created in the areas around Ardwick. Many of these new jobs will be financial and professional services, creative and media industries, and health. The main aim of the local plan is to help residents benefit from these opportunities.

We want to transform areas like Ardwick into places where people choose to live and work, which attract new higher-earning residents while encouraging local people to stay in the area and benefit from the improvements.

The Local Plan for Ardwick will help guide improvements to the area over the next 10 to 15 years by tackling long-term issues such as the poor choice of housing in the area, poor health, high levels of unemployment and low skills levels.

The future for Ardwick

Ardwick has lots of strengths to build on, including:

  • Major investment and job opportunities in the city centre, and at the universities and hospitals on Oxford Road
  • new housing in the Grove Village area;
  • and a new health centre, primary school and Sure Start Centre in Brunswick

There are also plans for housing improvements on the Brunswick estate, as well as exciting restoration plans to improve Victoria Baths.

A Vision for Ardwick

The vision for Ardwick is to become a successful area with attractive and distinctive neighbourhoods where people enjoy the benefits of living close to the city centre and Oxford Road.

We want to be an area with:

  • high-quality housing choices for local people
  • high-quality shops, schools and leisure facilities
  • well-managed and connected neighbourhoods
  • access to the employment opportunities in the neighbouring universities and hospitals along Oxford Road, and to opportunities in the city centre;
  • and safe and attractive streets and public spaces

Further Information

If you would like to view a copy of the Ardwick Local Plan please download the attached PDF file (full document).

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