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Fouracres parking scheme

Read the residents parking terms and conditions before applying for a permit.

Areas effected

  • Fouracres Road
  • Fowey Walk
  • Morven Drive
  • Portslade Walk
  • Thornby Walk

Days and times of restricted parking

  • Parking restrictions apply every day from 8.00am – 7.30pm.
  • Outside these hours there is no limit to how long people can park.

Permit Rules

  • Parking permits for residents will be free of charge and valid for one year.
  • If you live within the scheme (see eligible streets listed below), you can apply for a permit(s) for all vehicles that are registered to your property.
  • Permits are registered to specific vehicles, so make sure that the vehicle on the highway is the one with the valid permit.
  • You can park on any street within the scheme at any time free of charge. Remember to display your permit clearly at all times.


Visitors will be able to park by using annual permits or by using scratch cards which can be purchased by residents:

  • a £45 annual permit, usable in any vehicle visiting your home; or
  • a £2.50 daily permit (this will be a scratch card to display in the window of the car) that allows parking within marked bays for the whole day. These are purchased from the vehicle pound.


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