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Sportcity parking scheme

Read the residents parking terms and conditions before applying for a permit.

Permit Rules

  • The scheme only operates during event times.
  • Residents who want to park during event times at Sportcity need a valid permit displayed on their vehicle.
  • All residents within this Parking Zone are eligible for a permit, however they must only park within their designated zone.
  • If you have a driveway you won't be allowed a permit as you will be expected to park on your drive unless you have more than one vehicle registered to your home and can't fit them on your drive. In this instance you can have a permit for other registered vehicles.
  • Permits are registered to specific vehicles. Make sure that the vehicle on the highway is the one with the valid permit.
  • If you can show us that, at your principle residence, you have no off-street parking, you hold a valid driving licence and you're the owner of the vehicle that needs to park there, you can apply for a residents parking permit. There is a limit of 1 per residence.


  • Businesses that have premises within the Sportcity Controlled Parking Zone are also eligible to apply, when applying state how many permits are required.
  • Permits are issued to facilitate the business during its normal operational hours, within the designated zone.
  • Permits must not be used outside of these times, any misuse will result in the permit being withdrawn.

What you'll need to tell us

To apply online for your permit, you will need to be able to scan and upload:

  • proof of your address - either a recent utility bill, deeds to the building or copy of your rent agreement; and
  • your insurance certificate; and
  • either your V5C Registration Certificate - Logbook, or proof that the vehicle is a company car.

If you are applying for a replacement permit because yours has been stolen we'll need your crime reference number.

You won't be asked for any payment details on this form.

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