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Grants Programme

We provide funding to community groups and local charities throughout the city of Manchester, supporting the residents of Manchester who are in the greatest need to reach their full potential.

We have supported over 140 community groups and projects since 2011.

All the money we raise stays in Manchester, bringing positive benefits to communities throughout the City.

Find out more about the projects and groups we support.

Volition project

Family Courses with One Education Outdoors

We provide short outdoor educational breaks to selected Manchester families at the One Education Outdoor Centre at Ghyll Head, Windermere. The families experience time away from 'normal life', spending time together in a caring environment. The course helps the parents and children to build self awareness and develop self esteem. It also helps to develop good parenting skills as well as promoting tolerance in local communities.    

In 2017 the Charity wants to support a further 24 families to benefit from this experience. The families take part in a varied activity program from local walks, archery and orienteering to more challenging activities such as abseiling, zip wire and caving. Parents accompany their children during the activities, spending quality time together. This is a chance for the children to have experiences they wouldn't normnally have.  

The centre is fully inclusive and the team are very experienced at working with young people and adults with complex needs, allowing families with disabilities to take part.

Short Breaks for All Grant Programme

Many of the families we support have never had the opportunity to experience a holiday together before and spend important time as a family away from 'normal' life. Our Short Breaks for All programme helps families to strengthen family relationships, create shared memories and for the children to experience things for the first time that many of us take for granted.

The short breaks are taken locally in the UK and the families are nominated by a team of family support workers and social workers. In 2016, 20 disadvantaged families from Manchester experienced a short break during the summer months thanks to the generosity of our supporters.

Since 2011 325 adults and 595 children have benefited from this programme. 


Anson Cabin project


“We loved playing on the beach, the children had never seen the sea before.”


“We got our first holiday away together and made lots of nice memories.”

“The children enjoyed being away from Manchester and more space to play.”


“It made a big change for us. I saw happiness in my children I haven’t seen for a long time.”