Council, then London

Full council today, our eight-weekly meeting of all 96 elected members when we meet to review the work of our committees and to debate any motions put forward.

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Getting Rid of Rubbish

Rubbish is a big issue for us. We need to minimise the amount we create, we need to recycle as much as possible and we need to minimise the amount we are sending to landfill and we want to do all of this at the minimum cost to the Council Tax payer and more importantly at minimum cost to the planet.

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Lunchtime Confidential

Yet another deliberate mistake in the last posting, but no prizes for guessing it! Manchester has a high profile in the media - not just newspapers but radio and television and increasingly nowadays on the web. I'm a fan of digital communication and although I always read a couple of daily papers, I increasingly get my up-to-the minute news from websites.

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Tackling Homelessness

As chair of the Regional Housing Group, I am in Liverpool this morning addressing a Shelter conference about how we tackle homelessness.

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Going to the Other Side

In more parochial cities, my itinerary today would provoke jokes about going to "the other side" but regular readers will know that here in the Manchester city-region, we don't let little things like local authority boundaries get in the way of working together for everyone's benefit.

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The First Executive

Top of the agenda for me today at our Executive meeting is the follow-up report arising from the setback we have had in the Eccleshall Street area. This report was on how we can accelerate regeneration activity in adjacent parts of Clayton and gave some confidence that subject to resident consultation we can get large-scale activity underway in a matter of weeks.

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Being Well, Being Happy

An 8.00 am start chairing a meeting of The Manchester Partnership Board, which includes colleagues from other sectors such as transport, health, faith groups, the Learning and Skills Council, The Police Authority and Manchester Council for Community Relations, and aims to get the whole of the public sector and our partners in the voluntary, community and private sectors to work together to ensure our communities aspire to and achieve improvements in their lives.

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The Power of People

After a rare weekend night away, spending Saturday and Sunday walking in the Yorkshire Dales, today is an interesting and unusual mix. I have lunch with the Leaders of Salford and Trafford Councils to discuss interests of common concern. If Greater Manchester is the driver of the North West economy then it is Manchester City Centre and adjacent parts of Salford and Trafford that is the driver of the Greater Manchester economy.

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Working in Partnership

First, a meeting about our proposals to transform all of Manchester's secondary schools through Building Schools for the Future and the Academies programme, two separate government initiatives joined together seamlessly here in Manchester. We are working with a range of major partners representing key growth areas in the regional to bring the real world of work into the classroom, to make sure our young people know what opportunities will be available to them, and that they know the skill levels they will need to reach to take those opportunities.

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Bread and butter

If yesterday was about growing the economy of the city and bringing in more knowledge based jobs, today is back to the bread and butter of running the Council.

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