Richard Noise

I've a feeling this might turn up on the site dated 29th January because of the time it is being written. It's actually the 28th but it's been a busy day following a busy day yesterday and I just haven't had time to write until now (20:24 if anybody is interested).

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New Faces

In this case two new faces and a couple of people who have been around the Crumpsall patch for a couple of months now. I and my co-Councillors Pritchard and Keegan have met both on our own on a number of occasions but today and yesterday we had the opportunity to reinforce collectively what we see as the priorities for the area.

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Into the Void

Back on my bike this week for the first time since Christmas and a frighteningly close view of the cracks and holes that have appeared in the road surface along my normal route as a result of frost damage. Our Highways people are out inspecting the whole road network and will be putting a remediation plan together but an early estimate is that the extra repair work will cost at least £650,000.

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Northwards Ho

First call and principle task this morning entails only a short journey down to Blackley Village to the Council's offices in Hexagon Tower. I'm there to meet officers from our Regeneration division and one of our key partners Barbara Forshaw, Vice-Principal of the Manchester College. Together we are interviewing to select a team to do a " refresh " of the North Manchester Strategic Regeneration Framework.

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Made in Manchester

In London yesterday for the first meeting of the Funding the Frontline Task Force which I've been asked to co-chair by Secretary of State for Communities and Local government, John Denham. An interesting group of people including the only person who is a Chief Executive of both a local authority and an NHS Primary Care Trust, and the only person who is Chief Executive of two local authorities of different political persuasion.

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A Winters Tale - the Trilogy. Part 3

There is more to do than worry about the weather. This lunchtime I meet with my colleagues Councillors Jon-Leigh Pritchard and Con Keegan and our ward co-ordinator to discuss the items we want to discuss at ward co-ordination and decide that we want to concentrate on housing and the impact of the recession at our next meeting in a couple of weeks.

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A Winters Tale 2 - the Snow Fights Back

The first blog of the New Year (Happy New Year everybody!). The weather isn't the only issue I've had to address but not surprisingly the renewed snow and continuing freeze has dominated the last few days.

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