Sunny Oldham

Very sunny at least outside Oldham Civic Centre . Not so sunny inside as AGMA Executive is looking at its own budgets and those of the four Greater Manchester Joint Boards.

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And now for Something Completely Different

There is barely a day goes by without a new story in both national and local media about another set of public sector job cuts. The government are pinning their hopes on private sector job growth at a faster rate than public sector job losses so yesterday's news that the UK's economy contracted by half a percent in the last quarter would have made very gloomy reading for them. Of course that level of economic performance is not evenly spread across the country and again yesterday we had our monthly look at how Manchester's local economy is doing.

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A Few Answers More

Picking up from the last but one blog, here are a few more As, some expanding on previous ones.

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B is for Baguley

And for by-election. Will take some respite from writing about cuts as although they're certainly dominating my agenda there are other things still happening in the city, and not all bad.

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More Questions than Answers

Sorry I’m a bit behind with posts but have been pre-occupied with doing the Council’s budget rather than writing about it. Know there’s been lots of questions so hope the following helps.

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. . . and a Happy New Year!

Unfortunately for the Council it's likely to be a dreadful new year but one of the many tasks we face is to do our best to minimise the knock on impact of that for the recipients of our services (which one way or another is everybody living in, working in, or visiting the city) and indeed minimise the impact of cuts in other public services on Manchester people.

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