Sheila Newman - the city’s loss

It wouldn’t be right to return to normal posts without first talking about the tragic death of a colleague and comrade, Sheila Newman. There are parts of her life I know little about, not least the family that was so important to her, but I’m sure all our thoughts are with Eddy, their daughters, and her wider family and friends.

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Money, Money, Money

I’m going to talk about the Council’s budget today so really should have headed this “ Lack of Money, ..... “. On Wednesday the Council’s Executive agreed its budget recommendations to the special Council meeting that takes place early in March.

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Council Tax - a different perspective

Next week the Council’s Executive Committee will meet to make recommendations to the Council on the 2018/19 Council budget, including the Council’s share of the Council Tax bill it collects on behalf of itself, the Police, and the Greater Manchester Mayor including the Fire Service. This week Scrutiny Committees have been looking at the proposals that are particularly relevant to them.

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