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Pies or Pasties

Bacon and sausage butties actually, at Leigh Sports Village, very impressive home of less impressive Leigh RLFC. I'm here for AGMA Executive which starts at 9am with an informal meeting of the Leaders of the ten Greater Manchester Councils and meanders on through group meetings and the official formal meeting until 12.30pm.

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Blessed Council

Today is full Council meeting which starts as always with prayers, on this occasion read by the Bishop of Manchester, who then goes all on to be the first Bishop of Manchester, certainly in living memory, probably ever, to address a formal Council meeting, and probably the first person ever to have a speech to Council reprinted in the papers.

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Above and beyond

The day starts, after a light breakfast, with a six and half mile run, starting from home, going through Blackley Village and on to Middleton, back via Rhodes and Middleton Road. All part of my preparation for the Great Manchester Run in May, which I did for the first time last year, but on the basis of this morning's effort and how much I ache afterwards, I'm not expecting to better last year's time.

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FAns ?

I've joined with Councillor Joe Anderson from Liverpool in complaining to the FA about the timing and location of the United/Everton FA cup semi-final.

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Song and Dance

Town Hall at 8.30am for the Overview and Scrutiny Co-ordinating Committee which amongst other things agreed the principle that all meetings of subgroups of Scrutiny Committees should be in public. There will of course be exceptions to this.

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Wish you were here

Today is the meeting of the Executive Committee. There are a lot of important items but most of them sufficiently tedious - aren't all council committees totally tedious? I hear you say - for me not to dwell on them. The Chief Reporter, perhaps only reporter bearing in mind announcements earlier this week, from the Manchester Evening News puts in a brief appearance but clearly can't cope with the excitement as he only stays around for five minutes at most. Having said that I repeat that there are a number of important reports and you can access them all (except one) by clicking on the link immediately below Leader's blog on the Council web site.

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B day

Not birthday celebrations or a diatribe on sanitary ware but something I have talked about before, the Council Budget.

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Freedom at last

The day starts and finishes with Sir Bobby Charlton.

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Worming my way in

Two reasons for a couple of weeks without posts.

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