See You Later ( I hope )

My shortest post ever - forgot to say that I won't be blogging for a bit as it is now officially the election period. Back in May

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The Great in Manchester

I said yesterday that I would do a separate post on the city deal for Manchester announced in parliament on Tuesday this week. A key requirement of dealing with the enormous cuts imposed on us by government is to grow the local economy, create jobs, and make sure Manchester people have the skills, aptitude and attitude to access those jobs. We have taken a number of concrete steps to support this, not least the creation of the Greater Manchester Combined Authority, which makes us the only UK city apart from London that has a statutory authority covering pretty much the whole functional economic area with responsibilities for economic growth, regeneration and transport. We have the governance in place but we have long argued with this and the previous government that if we want to accelerate growth in the city-region then there are a number of tools we need to be able to control locally.

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Drip Feed

Not quite first thing on Monday though definitely still in the morning, my first meeting as a member of the MoSI Advisory Board, at what was the first meeting of the Advisory Board. The museum is now part of what was until recently the National Science Museum but is now the Science Museum Group, which also includes inter alia the Science Museum in London and York Railway Museum. Incorporation into the group has brought a new Director to the museum and the first meeting was very much focussed on forward strategy as a precursor to a master planning exercise which is now underway. The next couple of years looks like being a very exciting period for the museum which I'll try and report on around the quarterly meetings of the Advisory Board.

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Quick, Quick, Slow

The last ordinary meeting of the Council's Executive this morning before we enter the formal election period on the 27th of this month. It's a very full agenda, available as always on the Councils website, and I only propose to mention a couple of items here. The first is a report on how we could extend 20mph zones to all the residential streets of the city. It is do-able but is it right? It's certainly right from a road safety point of view, and that's the safety of every road user I'm talking about, as there is an unquestionable body of evidence that speed kills.

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Resilient Growth

Somewhat bleary-eyed having flown into Manchester this morning after a couple of days in Chicago. I had been attending ( at the invitation of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development ( OECD )'s Secretary-General, the US Secretary for Housing and Urban Development, the Mayor of Chicago, and as Chair of the C40 Group of Cities the Mayor of New York ) the fourth meeting of the OECD's Mayors and Ministers Roundtable to talk about mobilizing investments for urban sustainability, job creation and resilient growth.

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Aiming High

A press conference at Cloud 23 at the Hilton this lunchtime to promote tickets going on sale for Great Britain against the USA ( both men's and women's teams ) at basketball to be played at the Arena in July, a chance for our rapidly improving international basketball teams to take on the best in the world. We were joined at the launch by two current GB players, Andrew Sullivan, and local girl Lauren Thomas-Johnson, and by two former players, one American, the other British. The American, Clyde " The Glide " Drexler is officially one of the fifty greatest players in USNBA history, and a distinguished and very successful playing career included amongst very many highlights being a member of the Dream Team that swept all before them with ease at the 1992 Olympics.

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Compare and Contrast

Started yesterday over at Daresbury, representing the Manchester Local Enterprise Partnership on the board of the the Daresbury Science and Innovation Campus's Enterprise Zone ( EZ ). Manchester's interest in Daresbury is " Big Science ". At its simplest this is the science that requires kit that is so expensive that scientists come to it rather than buying their own, and Daresbury is one of two national " big science " centres, the other being at Harwell. The EZ itself is a science and technology business park, but the usp of the site are the Science and Technology Facilities Council's labs and research staff based on the site.

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