First and Last

The Strategic Education Partnership Board had its first meeting yesterday. I've talked frequently about the importance of education and skills to the city's future. Our economy is increasingly driven by knowledge, invention and innovation, and the majority of new jobs being created in the city-region require degree level or equivalent qualifications.

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Although in some respects, lack of choices, and most definitely impossible choices. There is barely a day goes past when I don't get a letter or e-mail, see something on Twitter, read something in the press asking why, in the current economic climate, the City Council is spending money on A, B, or C rather than whatever it is the person concerned wants us to spend it on. It's a fair question.

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Capital and Reserves - an Explanation

Last Friday was Budget Council. It was a lively meeting with a fair few people exercising their right to protest but not I'm pleased to say in a way that interfered with the democratic process. There was a lot of debate at the end of which the Executive Budget proposals were approved with a number of amendments. The main amendment, that from the opposition was not passed, not least because senior officers advice to Council was that various parts of it were " unrealistic " and " unachievable ". In the meeting itself it was revealed that the proposed cut in spend on consultants was bigger than the spend on consultants - that doesn't quite add up.

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A Change in the Weather

Two gloriously sunny, warm Spring days, so what could be better for this week's Climate Week, and the dozens of events taking place around the city looking at mitigation and adaptation in response to global warming.

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Fairness Petition Link

As promised;

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The unwelcome arrival of the EDL in Manchester has once again prompted a debate about freedom of speech and the right to peaceful demonstration.

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