Helping Hands and Time Lords

In bright and early this morning for breakfast at the Art Gallery. Don't actually have the breakfast as I've already eaten at home and two breakfasts would not help with my preparations for the Great Manchester Run.

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A Matter of Life and Death

Late this morning I join Workers Memorial Day 2009, an event in the Peace Gardens organised by Trades Unions in the North West. There are a small number of short speeches and then a laying of wreaths followed by a minute’s silence in memory of all those around the world who have lost their life unnecessarily as a result of an incident at work causing injury or terminal illness.

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Planning Ahead

Whilst the national budget is busy grabbing all the headlines I'm locked away in a basement on Portland Street along with the rest of my Executive and the Council's Strategic Management team working on our budget - for 2010 !

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In the groove

Had a couple of days off last week, spending two nights in Cartmel in Cumbria and getting a bit of exercise, walking round Sunderland on the way up and climbing the Old Man of Coniston whilst there.

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